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Stages of Training

Our Training Programme is structured to match the curriculum of the Royal College of Anaesthetists. At each stage we provide a full training path and we aim to match the needs of the individual trainee with the experience we have available.

ACCS Training

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The ACCS programme in anaesthesia is arguably the best core training route into higher training for anaesthesia and/or intensive care. This fantastic three year programme allows trainees exposure to the four acute specialities over two years (6 months each of acute medicine (AM), emergency medicine (EM) in CT1, and 6 months of anaesthesia and intensive … Read more

CT1 and CT2 – Novice and Core Training

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Core training takes two years. Our trainees spend their first year one of our well-known teaching hospitals – The Royal Free Hospital or University College London Hospital. Our initial placements are for a full year.  The second year is spent in one of the district general hospitals on the rotation – Barnet/Chase Farm, The Whittington or … Read more

ST3 and ST4 – Intermediate Training

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Intermediate Training – ST3 and ST4. Annex C of curriculum As part of the national recruitment process, successful candidates will be offered an initial two year rotation to cover intermediate training. During this time trainees will be placed in hospitals that can deliver all the required units of training. There are seven units of training … Read more

ST5 to ST7 – Higher and Advanced Training

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Higher and Advanced Training – ST5, 6, & 7 Annex D and E of curriculum Once a trainee has passed the final FRCA, we will plan the higher and advanced training years. Trainees can start to work towards higher clinical competencies once they have completed intermediate training units even if they have not passed the … Read more