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Official News and School Announcements

News from the School Executive.

Recruitment for ST3 August 2021 start

Dear All

Please see link below to a webinar taking place tomorrow 21 October from 7.00pm  for those applying for specialty recruitment posts commencing from August 2021.

The webinar will outline the broad changes to the specialty recruitment process and give advice on making applications.



Watch out for phishing e-mails

We have just heard from a trainee that he has had an e-mail purporting to be from the Royal Free ICU trainee rota – this is a scam.


Please exercise caution when entering you e-mail details into any websites and ensure they are genuine before doing so. if in any doubt, contact the departments directly.  See below:

I wanted to share with you an email that I received pretending to be about the ‘Royal Free Hospital ICU Trainee Rota’.
When you click on ‘display message’, it takes you to a fake google sign-in page. On my phone you don’t see the actual site you are on because it’s done via the mail app and it looks very real. I very nearly typed in my password. Instead I typed in a fake one and it took me to a fake BBC news site with lots of articles on buying Bitcoin. Whoever it is very nearly got my email password.
I don’t know if it was just me targeted, or if they are targeting the whole school. Either way, they obviously did their research into how to gain attention with the email subject line.
The TPDs

Welcome to the New School Website

On Sunday 14th October the School launched its new website. This is the third version of the site – the first was written in 2004. A survey of users carried out in 2016 told us what people needed from the website and those views have been carefully taken into account. Some key features and improvements … Read more