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Official News and School Announcements

News from the School Executive.

Virtual Journal Club

We are pleased to launch a new fortnightly Virtual Journal Club, run by trainees but open to anyone and everyone in the North Central and East London Schools of Anaesthesia. The first meeting will be on Monday 12th July at 8pm.

Our aim is to provide a platform to discuss new and interesting papers in anaesthesia across a range of grades and experiences. This isn’t geared towards exams, but is purely an opportunity to learn for the sake of learning and to try and keep up with developing knowledge in the specialty and improve critical analysis skills.We invite everyone to choose and to present recent (or not-so-recent) papers that would be of interest. Please email Imogen with your suggestions, email address below.

Meetings are limited to an hour in length and will be held via MS Teams. They will be held on the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month from 8-9pm.

Links to the articles will be uploaded to this website and Twitter the Friday before the meeting.

The first three meetings are:

12/07/2021 8pm Effect of the use of endotracheal tube and stylet versus endotracheal tube alone – Stylet in or style it out? Presented by Dr Mei Hoe

26/07/2021 8pm Effect of cricoid pressure compared with a sham procedure in RSI – Should we take the pressure off? Presented by Dr Imogen Glover

09/08/2021 8pm
Topic and speaker TBC

We look forward to seeing you all next week for an exciting first virtual journal club! If you would like to present at any future events please email imogen.glover@nhs.net.

New Curriculum 2021 -advice for LLP transition starting August 2021

All new starters at CT1 and ACCS1 to start on new curriculum from August 2021

Starting ACCS2 in August – move to new curriculum format on LLP for your ICM and Anaesthetic blocks. Make sure your EM/AM evidence and ARCP outcome are saved to your document store

Starting CT2 / ACCS3 in August – ensure all current evidence saved in document store and plan to use new curriculum format on LLP from August 2021. You should achieve stage 1 completion by August 2023

Starting ST3 in August – gather evidence for stage 1 equivalence in stage 1 “top up” section in your current LLP format. Once stage 1 equivalence complete you will move to new curriculum on LLP and start working towards stage 2 from August next year, 2022. For those of you not allocated “intermediate ICM” block until ST4 year – the college will allow us to carry this into your stage 2 training.

Starting ST4 and ST5 in August – once you have completed your ILTC, work towards stage 2 equivalence / ST5 top up on current LLP format. Once stage 2 equivalence achieved, you will move to Stage 3 training in new 2021 format

Starting ST6 and ST7 in August -stay on old curriculum as long as you expect to CCT by 31st January 2024. If you CCT after this date, you will need a “bespoke” arrangement. Stick on current LLP for now and arrange to speak with your TPDs before the end of this year.

Rotation spreadsheet update

We are pleased to announce a major change in the spreadsheets that are used by the Training Programme Directors in the School. These changes will make it easier for the TPDs to manage the needs of individual trainees, especially those of you that are working flexibly. If you are logged in to the website you … Read more

Welcome to the New School Website

On Sunday 14th October the School launched its new website. This is the third version of the site – the first was written in 2004. A survey of users carried out in 2016 told us what people needed from the website and those views have been carefully taken into account. Some key features and improvements … Read more