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OOPEs Maternity Leave and Special Circumstances

Our School provides a full programme for training. During the seven years of the programme some of our trainees are encouraged to take time off to gain additional experience. We also offer less-than-full-time training opportunities.

Out-of-Program Training (OOPE) and career breaks

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The School strongly supports trainees who wish to spend time in OOPE/OOPT/OOPR posts, as we believe they are educationally very important. There are multiple different opportunities for you and it is likely that we will know someone who has done it before – so please get in touch if you need any guidance. It would … Read more

Maternity Leave

Having a child, and the nine months leading up to it, is a stressful, exciting and monumental event. Combining it with a medical career and a training curriculum is not always easy, and needs careful planning. There is a wealth of information that can easily be Googled. Some useful links are NHS UK Maternity and … Read more

Flexible and Part-Time Training

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The Central London School of anaesthesia is fully supportive of trainees wishing to work less than full time. Currently we have one of the largest numbers of LTFT trainees of any training school in the country with around 35 LTFT trainees. The majority of trainees work 70% of full time equivalent, however, it is possible … Read more