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Information for members of the School, including details of ARCPs and planning your rotations.

Study Leave

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We encourage our trainees to take full advantage of all training opportunities that are available to them. Health Education England divides courses, meetings and events into Mandatory Optional, and Aspirational You can find out which category a course falls into at the HEE Website https://lasepgmdesupport.hee.nhs.uk/support/home?studyleave or you can download it from here (updated Nov 2018) Mandatory … Read more


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An ARCP – Annual Review of Career Progression – is an opportunity for trainees to Meet their trainers and senior staff in the School Review their progression Get feedback on their progress in training Get support with any difficulties that are experienced Make plans for the coming year. ARCP’s are mandatory and are required by … Read more

Inter-Deanery Transfers

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Inter-Deanery transfer is the process where a trainee may relocate their training to a different deanery. There are eligibility criteria and specific times of the year for applications (“National IDT windows”). The main reasons for an IDT will be related to a significant unforeseen change in circumstances – health, domestic, relationships. Ability to relocate will … Read more