Study Leave

We encourage our trainees to take full advantage of all training opportunities that are available to them.

Health Education England divides courses, meetings and events into

  • Mandatory
  • Optional, and
  • Aspirational

You can find out which category a course falls into at the HEE Website or you can download it from here (updated Nov 2018)

Mandatory Courses

These are approved by your Educational Supervisor. Examples include

  • Regional Study days
  • Life support courses

The local post graduate education department will reimburse fees and costs via their local process.


Optional Courses

These are also approved by your Educational supervisor and reimbursed by the local Postgraduate Medical Education Department.

These events are considered to be complementary to curriculum requirements  -for example

  • Exam Preparation courses
  • Leadership & management courses



Aspirational Courses

These require the approval of your Training Programme Director.

You should itemise

  • What the course is
  • Breakdown of costs
  • Why you would like to attend


If the event is approved, HEE will inform you and your trust by e-mail, quoting a reference number. Your local Postgraduate department will then reimburse costs using theior local process. This can include up to  £1000  per year towards the costs of studying for a Higher Degree.

Once your study leave is approved, and you have attended the course, you should claim reimbursement via your Trust. Your Trust will pay you via payroll, and will then claim reimbursement from HEE.

The process for application and list of courses available from the support portal