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Simulator Training

Simulation is used throughout all years of anaesthetic training to support delivery of the RCOA curriculum within our school. Methods include part task trainers to practice individual clinical skills, hi-fidelity simulations and multi-professional complex scenarios to practice team working and enhance human factor training.

As a school, the importance of simulation as a teaching modality has been recognized such that the completion of a designated simulation course per year of anaesthetic training is mandated by our head of school and evidence of your attendance is required for your ARCP.

Simulation Facilities

There are simulation facilities at various locations throughout the school. Those facilities which are currently used to deliver the mandated hi fidelity simulation courses are:

  • The Royal Free Hospital (RFH)
  • University College Hospital London (UCLH)
  • Barnet / Chase Farm Hospital
  • Whittington Hospital

What to Expect

The courses are usually a whole day, are held in the simulation suite and are funded centrally though there may be a refundable booking fee to reserve your place. There are usually 6-10 participants on each course, which is divided into several individual scenarios. The broad aims of the courses are to develop and rehearse critical non-technical skills which include team working skills and behaviours which underpin safe clinical practice as well as to practice specific clinical skills.

Mandatory Courses

The mandated simulation courses are:

CT1 Novice/Intro RFH/ Barnet You will be contacted
CT1 Critical Incidents RFH/UCLH You will be contacted
CT2 Obstetrics UCLH Click Here
ST3 Paediatrics UCLH Click Here
ST4 Anaesthetic Non Technical Skills Whittington Please contact Amerit Rait and Katherine Batte
ST5 SAFE Airways UCLH Click Here
ST6/7 Patient Safety Whipps Cross Hospital Please contact Dawn Zucker

Although it is desirable to complete them in the prescribed order, it is not essential provided that they have all been completed by the end of your training. You should contact the individual center to book the course relevant to your year of training.

There are other centers both in the Eastern school (Barts, The Royal London, Homerton, Whipps Cross) as well as some of the specialist hospitals (GOSH, Royal Marsden) who also have extensive simulation facilities and run a variety of other courses. There are many courses which are available and suitable for anaesthetic trainees.
These include:

  • Trauma Team Training
  • Acute Paediatric Trauma
  • Theatre Team Training
  • Toxicology training
  • Silver Trauma
  • Obstetric team training

which are all run at UCLH.

Many of these courses are funded directly by HEE and so are effectively free. You can book onto these courses by contacting the individual center.

In addition to center based courses you may also be exposed to some in-situ team based simulation scenarios to practice critical skills in clinical areas.

Faculty Development.

After attending a simulation course as a participant many anaesthetic trainees express a wish to learn how to deliver simulation training. There are a variety of courses aimed at ‘Training the Trainer’ to give insight into the theory and practicalities of delivering simulation education. These are run at UCLH, The London Hospital and The Homerton Hospital amongst others. However experience is invaluable and you can always offer to help on delivering simulation courses whilst you are waiting to do the training.

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