ST3 recruitment

ST3 recruitment is also administered by HEE through the national recruitment process. More information is on their website

There are two recruitment rounds per year and posts start in February and August. The numbers vary from year to year but recently we have been recruiting 10 trainees to start in February and 18 for August starts.

We can tailor the rotations for specific requests. In particular we are able to provide specific help for

  • Academic Trainees
  • Less-than-full-time Trainees
  • Trainees in Intensive Care Medicine
  • Trainees returning to training after maternity leave or other career breaks
  • Trainees coming as inter-deanery transfers with some stages of intermediate/higher training already completed.

We always endeavour to make our rotations balanced between teaching hospitals and our general hospitals, to be suitable for both the training needs and geographical circumstances of each trainee.