Summer ARCPs 2020

Summer ARCPs will be in absentia the week of June 15th

You are all under enough pressure clinically without having to do unnecessary admin.

ARCP requirements this year will be ESSR and form R (no MSF required)

Please note:

(1)There is a new outcome 10 (covid) to cover the unfinished units of training during re-deployment

(2)Trainees who are due to start ST3 in August will be able to progress even if they have not completed their IAOC due to re-deployment

(3)We will accept CUT forms as evidence of reaching levels of competence as long as your ed sup and college tutor are happy to sign off (do not require usual numbers of WBAs)

(4)The new curriculum will not be introduced this year, it will be deferred for a year. We therefore  will anticipate ST3 recruitment for August 2021 (previously cancelled due to CT3 implementation)

I hope that you are all keeping healthy and sane during the current times.

With very kind regards

Catherine Shaw




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