Final FRCA SAQ Club for March 2020 Exam

FAO Trainees preparing for Final Written FRCA

Round 7 of the now well established North Central Thames Final FRCA SAQ club will commence on 14th October. Please register your interest at before 12th October

How does the FRCASAQS work?

  • At the start of every week, a number of carefully selected college SAQs will be sent to your email account. These questions will have been specifically chosen, encompassing ‘examiners favourites’, previously poorly answered questions, and current topics of interest. As the exam draws nearer, the number of questions sent out each week will be increased.


  • At a convenient time in the week, you should write very brief bullet point statements or answers for the set questions with pen and paper. How you go about this and whether you read up on the topics prior to answering them, is totally up to you. You know, or will soon work out, what is best for you.


  • Once answered, scan your answer sheet and then email them back to us at are lots of free apps you can download onto your phone to do this e.g. Scanner Mini (by Readdle)).


  • At the end of the week, we collate and anonymise all the answers (scans) we have received, and then email them back out to everyone that participated in that week’s question round. We will also send out the following week’s questions to everybody.


  • If you have previously replied with answers, you will therefore be in the position to look over other people’s responses, which in turn will:
    • Allow you to consolidate, and even boost your knowledge on the topic.
    • See how others answer the questions in terms of their prioritisation of information etc.
    • Cover important topics from across the syllabus
    • Motivate you in your exam revision.


  • And so the process continues…


  • Finally, in the run up to the exam, there will be a chance to sit a practice exam. Twelve questions in three hours under exam settings – a task well worth attempting prior to the big day.Of note for the New Examination Format

    Please note that the exam club will only ever use questions written by the college to allow you to gauge the depth and breadth of knowledge expected of you. Despite the exam format changing from SAQs to CRQs, the syllabus remains unchanged, and many old format SAQs have been re-written by the College into new format CRQs. The main difference now is that whereas previously you were able to write endlessly for a question requiring, for example, three points, now that same question will require you to PRIORITISE your knowledge and only the first three points will be marked. Any subsequent points you write down would be ignored and not score any marks – even if correct. With this in mind, if you choose to participate in this club, you will be writing answers to old format SAQs, but you will continue to benefit from covering the breadth of the syllabus, gauging the standard of knowledge expected of you at Final’s level.  In the last round of the Club, we covered 10 out of the 12 question themes asked.


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