Sustainability in Global anaesthesia – World Anaesthesia Society 10th July at RCoA

    10th July 2023 at TBC
    Duration – All Day

    SEMINAR 10th of JULY at the RCOA

    We are delighted that this year we can return to a face-to-face format for our WAS summer event, hosted by the Royal College of Anaesthetists. This year we will explore a theme of Sustainability in Global anaesthesia, including sessions on:

    – Sustainable long-term engagement via fellowships and partnerships with the Zambia Anaesthesia Development Program team

    – Sustainable career-long engagement as an individual from Mike Dobson, WAS founder and author of the Anaesthesia Compass interview series

    – Environmental sustainability in anaesthesia with Jason Gandhi the CESH anaesthesia fellow and Paul Southall

    – Equipment donation sustainability with Robert Neighbour


    We would also love to hear your thoughts during our panel discussion on the future of UK based organisations as leaders in global anaesthesia. As we push for projects and organisations to be LMIC led how can we evolve in HICs to best support our colleagues? Joining the panel alongside our other speakers will be:

    The President of CANECSA (the College of Anaesthetists of North, East, Central and South Africa)
    Kristine Stave, CEO of the WFSA (World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists)

    As always we want to hear the opinions of the attendees, so we will be encouraging discussion and networking throughout the event, with extended question and answer sessions and time for discussion to allow you to share your perspectives from your experiences and connect with others in the field.

    We are aiming for the event to be inclusive so encourage allied groups such as ODP’s, nurses and recovery teams to attend if they have an interest.

    Booking details, along with any updates on the event, can be found here


    This year we are opening the event to include posters on any issue related to global anaesthesia or the surgical pathway which can influence anaesthesia or the patients surgical experience. Deadline for submission is JUNE THE 5th.

    More details can be found here.


    If you would like to attend but have other considerations, such as you are on mat leave, please do get in touch directly through so we can try to find ways to support you

    Follow us on twitter @WorldAnaeSoc for speaker profiles and updates. We look forward to seeing you there.

    Royal College of Anaesthetists
    Churchill House

    35 Red Lion Square, London, England WC1R 4SG

    WC1R 4SG

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