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Royal Marsden Hospital

The Royal Marsden Hospital is a specialist oncology centre treating all forms of cancer. Major surgery and critical care are based at the Fulham Rd site, while paediatrics, haemoncology and some surgery is carried out at Sutton.


South Kensington tube is 5 minutes walk from the Fulham Road site. The Sutton site is served by hospital shuttle buses, and local rail stations at Sutton and Belmont.

Clinical Experience

We provide anaesthesia for a wide range of adult cancer surgery including head & neck procedures, sarcoma, major urology and gynaecology surgery, upper GI and liver resection, as well as breast and reconstructive procedures. Trainees gain wide experience in perioperative monitoring, massive transfusion, and post op care of patients undergoing complex cancer surgery. There is also extensive opportunity to use Total Intravenous Anaesthesia.

Other departmental commitments include anaesthesia for paediatric oncology procedures, and also vascular access and pain management (accredited for Higher and Advanced training in pain medicine)

The critical care unit provides care for complex post-op patients, and adult medical oncology patients, and is accredited for training up to Advanced Level.

We also run an anaesthetic pre-assessment unit which includes a cardiopulmonary exercise (CPET) system.

Hospital typeSpecialist Hospital
AddressFulham Road
Phone0207 808 2727
AddressDowns Road, Sutton Surrey
Modules and
Training opportunities 

Complete modules
Higher / Advanced General, urological and gynaecological surgery
Higher / Advanced Perioperative medicine
Higher ICM training Complete (3 month module for anaesthesia trainees)
Higher Pain
Advanced Pain
Advanced ICM

Draft TIVA Competencies (not yet approved by RCOA)
Extensive TIVA Experience

Partial Modules
Airway management
Day surgery
Head, neck. Maxillo-facial and dental surgery.
Plastic surgery
Transfer medicine

There is an extensive Fellowship programme open to pre and post CCT trainees. The Fellowship Lead is Dr Susanna Walker.
Depending on the chosen fellowship, fellows will access opportunities including:
• Use of a high-specification simulation centre
• Use of a cardiopulmonary exercise facility
• Involvement in international multicentre trials
• The possibility of laboratory-based research in conjunction with the NIHR
• Working in The Royal Marsden’s Critical Care Unit, the largest critical care facility dedicated to the care of oncology patients in the UK
• Learning about anaesthesia for a large case mix of major complex surgeries in theatres

For further information, contact: fellowships@rmh.nhs.uk

Educational activities

We hold a teaching session and an educational departmental meeting on most weeks. Formal audit and M&M meetings are held 6 times per year.

Trainees are allowed access to the Institute of Cancer Research library system and have good access to educational resources

The Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre, shared with the Brompton Hospital, is used for teaching in chest drain insertion and other sessions e.g. Airway management.

Research activities

The Department has an active research programme which includes involvement in large multi-centre research trials, PhD students and a number of recent publications relating to oncology and anaesthesia. Recent successes include being the highest recruiting UK centre for the PRISM and PREVENTT trials and investigation of the role of volatile / intravenous anaesthetics in oncological outcomes. There are often several trials and projects in the pipeline.

Our audit program remains an active aspect of the department and projects are available for trainees to be involved with. Quality improvement work is progressing through involvement in national projects (PQIP, NELA) and departmentally based projects.

Our use of an integrated electronic records systems across anaesthesia and critical care means large audits can be undertaken without having to manually search notes.


12 Anaesthetic trainees ST 5/6/7
Compliant rota with Junior Doctor Contract
On call duties: Critical Care Unit / ‘Long day’ theatres

Consultant and permanent staff

Substantive Consultants:

Dr Torsten Beutlhauser, Anaesthesia, Lead Paediatric Anaesthetist
Dr Gary Browne, Critical Care & Anaesthesia
Dr Matthew Brown, Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine
Dr David Chisholm, Anaesthesia
Dr Paul Farquhar-Smith, Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine
Dr Jackie Filshie, Pain Medicine
Dr Vimal Grover, Critical Care & Anaesthesia. Critical Care Lead
Dr Pascale Gruber, Critical Care & Anaesthesia.
Dr Matt Hacking, Anaesthesia
Dr Jonathan Handy, Critical Care & Anaesthesia.
Dr Colm Irving, Anaesthesia
Dr Shaman Jhanji, Critical Care & Anaesthesia. Research Lead
Dr Rohit Juneja. Anaesthesia
Dr Ramanathan Kasivisvanathan (known as Dr Nathan) - Anaesthesia. Departmental Lead
Dr Orla Lacey, Anaesthesia
Dr Helen Lawrence, Anaesthesia
Dr Anjalina Majumder, Anaesthesia
Dr Andrew McLeod, Anaesthesia
Dr Olivia Mingo, Anaesthesia
Dr Alex Oliver, Anaesthesia
Dr Ravi Rao Baikady, Anaesthesia
Dr Martin Rooms, Anaesthesia
Dr Robert Self, Anaesthesia. College Tutor
Dr Kate Tatham, Critical Care & Anaesthesia.
Dr Susanna Walker, Anaesthesia. Fellowship Lead
Dr Gary Wares, Critical Care & Anaesthesia. Director of Medical Education
Dr Tim Wigmore, Critical Care & Anaesthesia
Dr John E Williams, Anaesthesia & Pain Medicine. Educational Supervisor

Further information and contacts

Robert Self
College Tutor
Responsible for educational supervision and training.



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