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King George’s Ilford & Queen’s Hospital Romford

Queens and King George Hospital are the main hospitals in Barking ,Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust.

They cover a local population of over 750,000 serving a diverse population in Greater North East London. They have one of the largest obstetric units in the country and deliver specialist neurosurgical services from Greater London to East Of England, reaching approximately 2 million people.

In 2015-16 there were approx. 250,000 attendances to the A&E –  150,000 for Queens and 100,000 for King George


Queens Hospital is a large acute 939 bedded district general hospital

There are 16 operating theatres including upper GI,general and colorectal ,orthopaedics and trauma, maxfax and dental,vascular,ophthalmic and paediatrics and 2 interventional suites

Queens is a also a trauma unit with a helipad. The hospital provides specialist neurosurgical services to the North East London and Essex Trauma Network

The Obstetric  unit is one of the largest maternity units in the countries and includes 2 obstetric theatres. In 2016-17 the unit managed approx 8000 deliveries and 2000 Caesarian sections.

The Intensive Care unit is divided into Neurointensive Care (12 beds) , General Intensive Care (22 beds) and Sky HDU (10 beds) totalling 44 level 2 and level 3 beds.


King George Hospital is a 450 bed acute trust and saw 100,000 A&E attendaces in 2015-16

As well as emergency services it specialises in Urology and Orthopaedics services with an 8 bed General Intensive Care unit.

Hospital typeGeneral (DGH) Hospital
AddressQueens Hospital, Rom Valley Way, Romford, Essex.
Modules and
Training opportunities 

Obstetrics Fellowship
Neuroanaestheisa (int/highter)
Obstetrics (higher)
Anaesthetic Novice Training
Pre Assessment Clinic
General Surgery
Upper GI
Orthopaedics and Trauma
ENT/Eyes/Max Fex
Interventional Radiology
General and Neurointensive care units (Intermediate and Higher)

Educational activities

Weekly - Anaesthetic novice teaching program
Tuesdays ICM teaching program and ITU M&M meetings
Tuesdays lunchtime Neuro journal club
Friday Anaesthetic CME meeting
Monthly clinical governance meetings for anaesthetics and neurosciences
Barts trainees released weekly to attend FRCA teaching

Quality Improvement and Education
Large Education Centre publishes many courses inclu ATLS,difficult airway,
Sim centre training at KGH,multiple face to face sessions for mandatory
training program,
Primary and final FRCA Neuro Study Days also hosted at Queens once a

All trainees have access to library online journals via Open Athens

The anesthetic/ITU division is also running a number of QI projects
(contact Dr Mandeep Phull for more info)

We are also included in the Trainee Led Pan London Audit Network
Dr Viktor Duzel leads an active audit dept that will provide assistance in
creation and data processing of your audit design and enter it as part Trust
Registered Database


On call commitments:
CT1 no on call until completion of initial assessment of competencies then on
call long days at King George’s and supernumerary at Queen’s
CT2+ covers theatre rota with on call staff grade supervision
ST3+ cover obs rota with staff grade support
ITU - FY2 (daytime only) & CT2+ airway fellow
NeuroITU ST3+ (neuroanaesthetic covers NITU at night)


Theatres / ITU / Obs / HDU / neuroanaesthetics :all separate 8 doctor rotas
CT1s : 8 (Barts)
12 CT2 : 4 (North Central) 8 (Barts)
2 ACCS (Barts)
13 ST3+ in total : 5 ST3+ (2 neuro,2 gen,1 obs) from North Central,
8 ST3+ (6 neuro,1 gen,1 obs) from Barts
1 ICM Fellow
1 Obstetrics Fellowship

Consultant and permanent staff

51 consultants, 24 senior specilaity grades,25 ITU consultants
Dr Odejinmi DD
Dr Sharon Burtke CL theatres (An)
Dr Jovaisa ICU lead (ITU)
Dr Oshodi – Pain/Obstetrics (An)
Dr Umo-Etuk – Paediatrc lead (AN)
Dr Jain – ICU governance lead (An/ITU)/NITU lead
Dr Pattnaik – College /Lead Tutor (An)
Dr Mosharaf – College Tutor (An/ITU) /Neuro education lead
Dr De La Cerda – ICM regional advisor (ITU)
Dr Bourgeaud – Rota coordinator (An)
Dr Smithers – Guardian of Safe Working hours (ITU)
Dr Walker – Sim lead (An/ITU)
Dr Garg (An/ITU/ MTI supervisor) (An/ITU)
Dr De Silva – Pre op assessment lead (An) (ES)
Dr Mandeep Phull ( ITU/QI lead)
Dr Alcira Gomez (ES) (An)
Dr Doraiswami (ES) (An/Obs)
Dr Adams (ES) (An)
Dr Chipperfield (ES) (An/ITU)
Dr Huntley (An/Pain) (ES)
Dr Upmanyu (ES) (An)
Dr Ali (ES)
Dr Bawa (ES) (An/ITU)
Dr Raveendran (ES) (An/ITU)
Dr Govindarajan (ES) (An)
Dr kaleekam (ES) (An/Obs)
Dr Yakandawala ((An/ITU)ES)
Dr Sadri (A&E/ITU) (ES)
Dr Sangtani (ES)
Dr Bellini (ITU/HEMS)
Dr Duzel (Audit and Anaesthetic governance)
Dr Wijayatilake (An/ITU)
Dr Maria Colomo (ITU)
Dr Chitra (An)
Dr Svoren (An/ITU)
Dr Nazneen Sudhan (An/ITU)
Dr M Hussein (MAU/ITU)
Dr Pinnagoda (An)
Dr Scarcella (An)
Dr M Ather (Pain)
Dr Enwo (An)
Dr Garcia (ITU)
Dr Igielman (An/ITU)
Dr Carrusco (ITU)
Dr Mentegazzi (ITU)
Dr Mane (An)
Dr P Naik (An/ITU)
Dr V Patil (An/Obs)
Dr Qadri (An/Obs)
Dr Saha (ITU)
Dr Wickrama (An/ITU)
Dr T Abbas (An)

Speciality Doctors

Dayo Adeyeye
Anushka Aubeelack
Kwabena Aye
Jana Balogova
Lourdes Da Cunha
Ritesh Ganesh
Duncan Gyamfi
George Joseph
Uttam Kakshepaty
Mahir Khalil
Abhijit Mishra
Manasi Mittal
Shahid Nesar
Hristina Petkova
Shabana Rahman
Jai Ramanathan
Riddhi Rathod
Dalia Ranceviene
Syeda Saman
Suhail Shah
Nadeem Shakir
Arvind Singh
Boopathi Sivarajan
Nisar Ul Haq

Further information and contacts

Ahmer Mosharaf
College Tutor
Responsible for educational supervision and training.



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