Harefield Hospital

Harefield is a tertiary adult cardiothoracic centre specialising in complex cardiac and thoracic surgery, including heart and lung transplantation, ventricular assist devices as well as a VA- and VV- ECMO programme. We have a primary angioplasty service with one of the fastest ‘door to procedure’ rates in the country. Lab services include complex devices such as ICDs, PFO closures and arrhythmia ablations. Trainees can expect an extremely interesting educational attachment with a high level of consultant support, in both theatre and the ICU environment, with opportunities to gain experience in advanced cardiac output monitoring, as well as developing skills in transoesophageal echo.

We are a very approachable lot, as is consistently borne out by our trainee feedback.
We have a rich and diverse teaching programme which is very much consultant led, as well as a new education centre with simulation models and a TOE simulator including the option of assessing pathology for more advanced practitioners.

We have a body of in-trust ‘human factor’ course instructors, aimed at increasing the non-technical skills required in a multi-disciplinary team complex environment.

Hospital typeSpecialist Hospital
AddressHill End Road, Harefield, Uxbridge
Hospital/Departmental Website http://www.rbht.nhs.uk/
Modules and
Training opportunities 

Cardiothoracic - intermediate, higher and advanced modules.
Intensive Care.
There are also several post-CCT cardiothoracic anaesthesia fellowships, enabling an increasing degree of independence in preparation for a consultant post.

Educational activities

Anaesthetic weekly teaching (one hour per week, protected).
Transoesophageal echo teaching (one hour per week, protected).
ICU journal club (one hour per week, protected)
Academic afternoon, on clinical governance day (monthly, protected).
Lunchtime educational meetings with food, in education STaR centre – various.
State of the art new educational ‘STaR Centre’ with full simulation capability.
In-theatre informal teaching is routine.

Research activities

All trainees are encouraged to participate in our audit programme, with opportunities to present data at clinical governance days.
Consultants present with specific research interests and chairs at EACTA


Total of 28 trainees including:
7 Deanery rotation trainees
13 fellows
9 ICU post-foundation (2 within cardiology rotation)

Consultant and permanent staff

Francesca Caliandro - Consultant Anaesthetist, Deputy Director of Medical Education
John Farrimond – Consultant Anaesthetist
Eftichia Galiatsou - Consultant Intensivist
Andy Gaunt – Consultant Anaesthetist
Donna Hall – Consultant Anaesthetist / Intensivist, Cross-site ICU Lead
Paul Harris – Consultant Anaesthetist
Clara Hernandes - Consultant Intensivist
Ales Hodek - Consultant Anaesthetist, Cath lab lead
Ana Hurtado – Consultant Intensivist
Sunny Kaul – Consultant Intensivist and Respiratory Physician, ICU College Tutor, College Tutor to CMTs
Orinta Kviatkovske - Consultant Anaesthetist / Intensivist
Nick Lees – Consultant Anaesthetist / Intensivist, Echo lead (ICU)
Katarina Lenartova – Consultant Anaesthetist
Simon Mattison - Consultant Anaesthetist, Director for Theatres, Medical student lead, Lead for recovery and Pre op assessment
Nandi Marczin - Honorary Consultant Anaesthetist and research specialist
Ian McGovern – Consultant Anaesthetist / Intensivist, Divisional Director HH
Jerry Mitchell – Consultant Anaesthetist / Intensivist, Director of Anaesthesia & Critical care, Lead for Clinical Governance
Sarka Moravcova – Consultant Anaesthetist, Echo lead (theatres)
Alex Rosenberg - Consultant Intensivist, College Tutor, ICU educational lead
Marco Scaramuzzi - Consultant Anaesthetist, Theatre QI/Audit Liaison
Ben Silverman – Consultant Anaesthetist, College Tutor
Chris Walker - Consultant Anaesthetist / Intensivist, Clinical Fellow Supervisor, Acute Pain Lead

Hatem Soliman - Locum Consultant ITU
Alessandra Verzelloni - Locum Consultant Anaesthetist

Further information and contacts

Ben Silverman
College Tutor
Responsible for educational supervision and training.



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