Barts Cardiac

Barts Heart Centre (BHC) is a recently formed venture (2015) created by the merger of cardiothoracic services from the London Chest Hospital, St Bartholomew’s Hospital and the Heart Hospital. This created the UK’s largest cardiothoracic centre with nearly all specialist cardiac services for North Central and North East London and beyond, as well as highly specialised national services.

Anaesthetic trainees rotating to Barts are exposed to most aspects of cardiothoracic anaesthesia and intensive care excluding transplantation. Most trainees rotate here for three months at intermediate and higher levels but there are plans to try to create 6 month posts in the future.

We undertake ~ 2000 cardiac cases per annum (CABG, valve replacements & repairs (including minimal access surgery), complex aortic surgery (including dissections) and adult congenital surgery); 1200 thoracic cases (including robotic assisted and other minimal access surgery); we have the biggest TAVI programme in the UK with 350 – 400 implants a year; and the largest EP service in Europe (~4000 cases per year with around 500 requiring general anaesthesia). We also have one of the busiest heart-attack centres in the UK.

Our three critical care units provide all aspects of care for cardiothoracic surgical and cardiology patients including extracorporeal support when required.

There are 45 anaesthesia/ICM consultants, 9 senior fellows, 18 middle grade (rotational) trainees and 16 SHO-grade doctors on the ICUs (8CMT and 8 junior fellows posts).

We have a local teaching programme for pre-fellowship trainees and extensive teaching and training in advanced techniques, including echocardiography for higher and advanced trainees.

Operating Theatres
8 theatres for cardiothoracic surgery
1 hybrid theatre
1 theatre for robotic surgery
10 cath labs
(GAs provided in 1-2 for EP and 1 hybrid for TAVI/structural intervention daily)

ITU Beds
ITU 1C: 16 cardiothoracic beds
ITU 1E: 11 cardiothoracic beds
HDU 1D: 12-14 beds
ITU 6A: 12-16 beds incl ECMO
CCU 3A: 6 HDU level

Surgical Specialties
Major aorto-vascular
Robotics (thoracic and soon cardiac)
Hybrid procedures
Interventional Cardiology
Structural Cardiology
Adult congenital cardiology (GUCH)

Hospital typeSpecialist Hospital
AddressBarts Heart Centre, St Bartholomew’s Hospital, West Smithfield London
Modules and
Training opportunities 

Intermediate/Higher/Advanced Cardiac
Advanced ITU
Management module

Advanced Cardiothoracic Fellowship posts (Minimum 9 posts per year)
Transoesophageal Echo
Transthoracic Echo (FICE)
Major aortic surgery
Adult Congenital Cardiac Disease (GUCH)

Educational activities

Weekly teaching

Final FRCA teaching on Mondays
Journal Club on Tuesdays
ITU teaching on Wednesdays
TOE teaching on Thursdays
Fellows Club (monthly)

Pan NE & NC FRCA teaching days on cardiothoracic anaesthesia

Heartworks TOE Simulator
ECMO course
FICE course
One lung ventilation course
Lung ultrasound course

Research activities

Renal Failure and Sepsis. Peri-operative Echo (Dr Colin Hamilton-Davis and Dr Andrew Smith)
ICM related research (Prof Mark Griffiths/Prof Charles Hinds)
Assorted other projects with individual consultants (Dr Ben O’Brien/Dr Sibs Anwar/Dr Roger Cordery)
Multiple audit/QI projects (Dr Liz Ogilvie)


18 trainees. Two lines of rota. 1 in 9.

Consultant and permanent staff

Ahmed, Zubair
Alhamdan, Loay (Locum)
Anderson, Stuart
Ashley, Elizabeth (Lead Fellowship programme)
Barnard, Matthew (GUCH)
Bastin, Anthony
Broomhead, Chris (Lead Clinical Governance)
Brown, Virginia
Campbell, Anne
Cordery, Roger (Deputy RA-BLSA, TPD ACCS)
Cordingley, Jeremy (Director of ICM)
Corredor, Carlos
Dooley, Nessa (Locum)
Finney, Simon
Giannaris, Savvas (College Tutor)
Griffiths, Mark
Guglielmi, Massimiliano
Hamilton-Davies, Colin (Lead Cardiothoracic ITU)
Harrod, Simon (Medical Director, Barts Health NHS Trust)
Heaviside, Victoria
Hinds, Charles
Jones, Phil
Kwanten, Lloyd (Locum)
Lees, Martin
Lener, Giovanni
Martin, Bruce
Martinelli, Giampaolo
Melley, Dan
Nagore, David
Nelson, John
O'Brien, Ben (Director of Perioperative Medicine)
O'Brien, James
Ogilvie, Elizabeth
Proudfoot, Alastair
Rathwell, Claire (Lead Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia)
Sarang, Amman
Shah, Sachin
Shepherd, Stephen
Sibtain, Anwar
Sigel, Anne
Singer, Ben
Smith, Andrew
Stacey, Simon
White, Mary (Faculty Tutor ICM)
Wray, Gill

Further information and contacts

Anne Campbell
College Tutor
Responsible for educational supervision and training.

Liz Ogilvie
College Tutor
Responsible for educational supervision and training.

Roger Cordery
College Tutor AND Rota Coordinator
College Tutor; also deals with Annual Leave and Rota enquiries



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