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Simulation and Facilitation Education in Airways for Anaesthetists (SaFE)

SaFE (Simulation and Facilitation Education in Airways for Anaesthetists) Course is an all day full immersion course held at the ​University College Hospital Education and Simulation Centre. The course is centred around airway management and the important influence of human factors on our performance, team working and decision making.


The day is divided into two parts. The first comprises hands on workshops where candidates can practice and rehearse skills and drills. Practical skill stations include front of neck access in a wet lab with animal larynxes, fibreoptic skills, including Aintree Exchange Catheter technique through a supraglottic airway, Optiflow/THRIVE session and practice with a variety of videolaryngoscopes.

The second part of the day is in the simulation centre, where all candidates are given the opportunity to take part in simulation scenarios. Included is a familiarisation session of the simulation centre, the mannikin and equipment available to candidates. Simulation is focussed on human factors and non-technical skills in addition to management of airway emergencies.


All faculty are experienced in provision of simulation-led learning, and all have an interest in human factors and airway management. The course is deliberately small in candidate numbers. This ensures a high ratio of faculty to candidates, maximising learning and hands on experience. A small group number similarly facilitates and allows time for expanded discussion that is generated through debrief. Faculty and candidates share experiences and learning in an open and informal format.


To Book

The course is aimed at ST5/6 and above and can be booked by contacting the UCH Education Centre:


Tel: 0203 4472488



Please do be in touch if you would be interested in being part of our faculty. It is always a fun and rewarding day as candidate or faculty! Contact Kirstie McPherson in this instance

Further information

Further information can be obtained from the Course Organisers.
Kirstie Mcpherson
Course Organiser
Simulation and Facilitation Education in Airways for Anaesthetists (SaFE)

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