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Mohammwd Khaku

School Role
Trainee Rep

Trainee representatives on the School Executive.

Grade/Position Trainee - Intermediate

Personal biography and interests

I grew up in Northwest London, went to UCL for university, Watford for F1, UCLH for F2; enjoyed my life in an F3 travelling year and then joined the wonderful world of anaesthesia. So far I did my CT1 at UCLH, CT2 at Barnet where I have continued as an ST3 so far.My clinical interests include medical education including at the medical school and at the sim centre. Other than that I enjoy obstetrics which I aim to do in the long term and generally have a good time at work regardless of what I'm doing that day. Outside of work I enjoy a spot of bouldering, 5 a side football and video games.I recently got the role of intermediate co-rep and am very happy to be contacted about any issues people are having and will help any way I can.