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News, gossip, chat and other information. All members of the School can contribute to the Grapevine.

The Gasman’s Shanty

Are Anaesthetists the unsung heroes of healthcare? Not any more. Now we have an anthem. Sing it loud, sing it proud. Hoorah! The Gasman’s come.

Airway Matters MOOC

Join the next run of #AirwayMatters MOOC – learn about safe airway management with a multidisciplinary faculty of expert clinicians and patients! Start 27/09

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UCLH Critical care /perioperative medicine research seminars

UCLH Critical care /perioperative medicine research seminars Are you interested in critical care medicine research? UCLH is one of the leading intensive care research hubs in the UK. We have a very diverse research portfolio with work ranging from basic science, clinical trials, informatics, and epidemiology. Come and join us for our monthly seminars to … Read more

Free one to one professional coaching for the Central School of Anaesthesia

Dear Colleague, I have been working with some wonderful professional coaches since the onset of the pandemic when I found myself in a non-patient facing role. As a core team they have gathered a vast network of experienced highly qualified coaches all of whom are enthused and committed to providing free coaching support to frontline … Read more

Watch out for phishing e-mails

We have just heard from a trainee that he has had an e-mail purporting to be from the Royal Free ICU trainee rota – this is a scam.   Please exercise caution when entering you e-mail details into any websites and ensure they are genuine before doing so. if in any doubt, contact the departments … Read more