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NC Christmas party

Posted: 12 December 2017 10:30 AM  
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Dear All,

Only one week to go until the NC Christmas party and looking forward to seeing everybody there!  One important thing to mention however… due to unforeseen circumstances we’ve had to change venue at the last minute so it will now be:

7pm @
Simmons Bar
7 Camden High St, NW1 7JE
(Opposite Mornington Crescent tube)

The good news is we no longer have to charge for tickets, so those that have paid already will get a shiny crisp plastic 10 note returned into their sweaty palms (or a bank transfer if you can’t make it).  There’s also ‘Happy Hour’ from 4pm to 9pm… 2 cocktails for 10, or if you’re the classy type, then a bottle of Prosseco and a straw for 16. 

This is now a free party, there are no excuses. Santa will be there. Please let people know if we’ve missed them off the list.

See you soon!

Social Crew
(Viv H, Steve B, Yohinee)

[Apologies if you’ve received this several times, you’re just popular]

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