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New Obstetric PLAN project seeking local investigators. 

Posted: 12 September 2017 09:33 AM  
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QUAIL: Quality of Anaesthetic Information given for Labour

Guidelines from the OAA and AAGBI recommend that we ensure all expectant mothers, irrespective of birthing plan, are provided with up-to-date, good quality, evidence based information regarding analgesia for labour and anaesthesia for caesarean section. This information should initially be given in the antenatal period and then re-visited if needed during labour. We are responsible for ensuring our patients have given fully informed consent for a procedure. In order to do this the women must have had sufficient time prior to labour to consider their analgesic and anaesthetic options and the risks and benefits involved.
Poor pain relief during labour, emergency procedures and a feeling of lack of control have been shown to contribute to a negative birth experience which increases the risk of postnatal depression and post traumatic stress disorder. Ensuring women are well informed in advance about their analgesia options as well as the anaesthetic management of any emergency obstetric interventions may improve their feelings of choice and control.
We plan to conduct a survey of recently delivered mothers across London to elicit what information they received and where they received it during their preparations for birth and whether they feel this was good enough to prepare them for labour.

The project will run for two non-consecutive 24-hour periods (separated by 3 days) on the post-natal ward. Investigators will be asked to identify eligible mothers, give them an information leaflet and then ask them to complete an online questionnaire (surveymonkey) on a handheld electronic device (iPad, etc).
In order to be involved in this project you will need to be able to access a handheld device and have internet access on the postnatal ward.

We are looking for consultants and trainees to run this project in your department.
It will be running in late November, after the primary FRCA exam dates, so will not clash with revision commitments.
PLAN runs a policy of naming all local investigators in the resulting publications.

To get involved contact:
Rebecca Brinkler at or

Look online at: http://www.uk-plan.net/QUAIL

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