Staying Sane and Healthy in the Pandemic

Work as a team. Stay healthy & look after each other. Value each others contributions. Remember that you are skilled & valued.

This is a great opportunity to learn and develop.

When off duty, be off duty.
Go for a walk, listen to your favourite music, read some fiction, watch a film.  Be with people you love. Exercise & Rest. Work- life balance is a necessity for health – mental and physical.

Avoid doom laden and panic ridden articles in print or on screen. Avoid worrying about things beyond your control. Conspiracy theories and worrisome echo chambers are not useful nor constructive. Ignore them.

This time will pass and normal life will return. Hopefully better than normal as we learn to value what is really important – each other.

Contact your local supervisors, college tutors, TPDs and trainee reps for support – we are here to advise and assist as required.

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