Non-technical Skills for Theatre Teams – 13th and 20th June 2022

This FREE* simulation-based course at University College Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust introduces non-technical skills for theatre teams to enhance patient safety.

Operating theatres and interventional settings are often highly pressured environments with members of the team originating from different professional backgrounds having to work together effectively to perform safe surgery / intervention.  Adverse events are often attributed to poor communication, teamwork and other non-technical skills.

This full immersion simulation programme is designed for all members of the surgical team including nurses, anaesthetists, surgeons and operating department practitioners.

The course aims to promote an understanding of:

  • Inter-professional working
  • The theories and evidence relating to adverse events in operating theatres or interventional settings
  • An awareness of Human Factors and the role of non-technical skills in improving individual and team performance
  • Utilising tools and cognitive aids such as the WHO surgical safety checklist to reduce error and improve safety


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