Free one to one professional coaching for the Central School of Anaesthesia

Dear Colleague,

I have been working with some wonderful professional coaches since the onset of the pandemic when I found myself in a non-patient facing role. As a core team they have gathered a vast network of experienced highly qualified coaches all of whom are enthused and committed to providing free coaching support to frontline NHS workers during this immensely challenging time and beyond.

We carried out a pilot at the Royal Free Hampstead, aimed at creating a novel and highly agile way of matching coaching to frontline staff, and we are now ready to roll this out for the Central School. To date, over 50 colleagues have begun to receive coaching, with resoundingly positive feedback (see feedback here)

Partnering with a coach can help in all or any of the following areas, whichever are appropriate for you, supporting you to:

  • Offload and make sense of what’s going on, offering a skilled listening ear
  • Manage stress and build resilience, drawing on evidence-based approaches such as mindfulness
  • Be with and work with emotions which are arising for many of us in the NHS, including fear, guilt, shame, anger, anxiety, grief – all normal but not easy
  • Become better at navigating turbulence and change
  • Foster healthy relationships, building trust and collaboration, and reducing conflict
  • Lead with compassion and agility
  • Make tough decisions in these challenging times
  • Prioritise what to attend to
  • Gain clarity on career and life choices

You may have no idea what you would work through with a coach, but simply be curious about the process.

You can find further information in the FAQs via this link.

It is deliberately very simple to sign up and the link to enrol is:

You will be matched to a coach who will get in touch usually within 24 hours to arrange your first virtual session (by Skype or Zoom) at a time that suits you.

If you find the initial coaching session valuable, you will be able to continue working with your coach (or another coach if you didn’t feel the fit was quite right) for as long as you feel it is benefitting you. It has been designed to be as flexible and responsive to your busy schedules and needs as possible.

Please share this invitation and introductory information with your teams and do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions at all.


Warm wishes,

Ciara​ Donohue

Consultant Anaesthetist

Royal Free London NHS Trust

Coaching Through COVID


(On maternity leave from 27th May 2020 but happy to be contacted after this date and will try my best to respond or direct you to someone who can help as promptly as possible)

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