Deployment during the second surge

Below are the relevant sections of comms from the post graduate dean regarding expected deployments of trainees during this surge that have been sent out today to DMEs and Clinical directors:

Management of Trainees approaching CCT

Trainees within 6 months of CCT and have not yet received an Outcome 6 should be supported wherever possible to remain in curriculum aligned posts. They must only be redeployed in exceptional circumstances and with the express permission of the Postgraduate Dean.

Management of trainees in Anaesthesia programmes
The role of anaesthetic trainees is well recognised within surge plans and their ability to support intensive care and associated activity. Where elective curriculum aligned activity is still being undertaken then local educational leads must ensure that anaesthetic trainees are exposed to this important part of the curriculum. Local educational leads should have a clear understanding of the key progression points where on-going exposure to curriculum aligned activity will have wider benefit to the system and trainees e.g. attainment of the initial assessment of competency at core level and other key curriculum sign off requirements.
So, as with our last surge, the goal is to deliver training where we can and to support increased clinical surge activity as appropriate.
I would like to reassure our colleagues in training that “covid outcomes” will continue to be issued where needed for both January and May 2021 ARCPs. The TPD team will work very hard to arrange future rotations for any catch up required when all this blows over.
We expect to rotate trainees as expected at the February click date as we have not heard any rumours to the contrary and everyone is keen to avoid further disruption if at all possible.
Good luck everyone and I continue to wish you all peace, good health, and a better 2021.
Kind regards
Catherine Shaw
Regional Advisor NC London

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