Changes in Teaching & Training – Tuesday 23rd Feb

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Changes to the RCoA curriculum
Dr Oli Pratt, Consultant Anaesthetist, Salford Royal NHS FT

The Generation Game – why are they so different?
Dr Richard Marks, Consultant Anaesthetist, Royal Free London NHS FT

Learning objectives:

  1. To understand how the attitudes and culture of different generations have evolved and developed, and to understand the way that different generations view the world.
  2. To understand the different cultural and behavioural attitudes of different generations within the workplace and appreciate how an understanding of these differences can avoid conflict.
  3. To understand how patients of different ages/generations behave and expect to be treated.

Short break

Theme: Catastrophes work and the importance of mentorship in dealing with catastrophes on a personal level
Nancy Redfern

Break for Lunch

Afternoon session:


Trainee’s Prize Presentations supported by the North West School of Anaesthesia:

  •  Kaream Dawoud – Detecting anticipated difficult intubations: clinicians’ QI survey on current practice and auditing rates of current airway assessment documentation
  • Thomas Dixon – Introducing short-acting spinal anaesthetics for day-case surgery: a quality improvement project
  • Danielle Eusuf – The collaboration of deanery educational resources to maintain education during the COVID19 pandemic: the National Teaching Repository
  • Danielle Eusuf – ‘Epidural Training Passport’: Development of a structured epidural training programme in a tertiary obstetric unit
  • Henry Collier – An audit of the management, imaging, analgesia, and operative management of rib fractures in children
  • Morgan Back – Fresh gas flow during total intravenous anaesthesia: Saving money and the environment?

Short Break

INVITATIONAL LECTURE  “Teaching and Learning in a Virtual World”
Professor Simon Carley, Professor of Emergency Medicine, Manchester Metropolitan University and a Consultant in adult and paediatric Emergency Medicine at Manchester University NHS FT

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand how the choice of media influences learning outcomes
  2. Be able to optimise online environments for effective learning
  3. Be able to develop interactive online learning events

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