We have listed here a series of links to other sites of anaesthetic and general interest.

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American Society of AnesthesiologyLarge American site with many useful resources.
Anaesthetic Research SocietyPromotion of anaesthetic research in the UK
Anaesthetic Website ListComprehensive list of anaesthetic websites in the UK
Association of Anaesthetists of Great BritainRepresenting the interests of 8000 Anaesthetists
Association of Cardiothoracic AnaesthetistsTo promote the highest standard of management and care for patients suffering from cardiothoracic disorders, and in particular those undergoing cardiac or thoracic surgery.
Association of Paediatric AnaesthetistsThe Association of Paediatric Anaesthetists of Great Britian and Ireland was formed in 1973 by a small group of UK based paediatric anaesthetists. Its aims are to promote high standards in the specialty through education and research. It advises other professional bodes on anaesthesia for children.
British Journal of AnaesthesiaOnline version of the College official journal.
British Ophthalmic Anaesthesia SocietyThe British Ophthalmic Anaesthesia Society is an organisation of Anaesthetists, Ophthalmologists and other clinicians who are committed to sharing education and information which will enable them to provide the highest level of anaesthetic management during surgery.
British Society of Orthopaedic AnaesthetistsOrganises an annual meeting for anaesthetists with an interest in orthopaedic and related specialties.
Bullying and HarrassmentIf you are being bullied and/harassed please feel free to make arrangement to get support from College tutors, training program coordinators or your regional advisor. The Trust requires every member of staff whom it employs to behave appropriately in the workplace, and to treat other staff with respect and dignity. It does not tolerate bullying or harassment of any kind at any level. For more information, please follow the link - http://freenetsp/faqs/HarassmentBullying/Pages/Harassment-Bullying.aspx
Centre for Aviation and Space MedicineBased at UCL, the Centre for Aviation Space and Extreme Environment Medicine (CASE Medicine) is a group of clinicians and scientists with specialist interests and training in the medicine and physiology of extreme environments.
Department of HealthNews, govenment press releases and general information
Doctors UpdatesOrganisers of the Belle Plagne Meeting, an alternative to the Tignes meeting. Originally a South East Thames meeting, but all welcome.
European Society of Regional Anaesthesia and Pain TherapyAnother regional anaesthesia resource. Organisers of a diploma in regional anaesthesia
FRCA PageHelp for the FRCA Candidate, and a very useful teaching resource.
General Medical CouncilHelp with registration, and dealing with problems that doctors may have.
History of Anaesthesia SocietyThe History of Anaesthesia Society was founded in 1986. Its purpose is to promote the study of the history of anaesthesia and related disciplines and to provide a forum and social ambience for discussions among members.
Hospital Infection SocietySite with information about sterility in operating theatres, MRSA and other infection control issues.
Imperial School of AnaesthesiaThe Imperial School is closely linked with our School. Their website also holds the SpR 345 Training Day lectures, available for download.
Intensive Care SocietyThe Intensive Care Society is an organisation of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals based in the United Kingdom.
Latex Allergy discussion groupThe Natural Rubber Latex Allergy mailing list discusses all aspects of this allergy, from research and diagnosis to treatment, support, and economics surrounding natural rubber latex allergy. Families and friends are also welcome!
London DeaneryThe Deanery is responsible for issuing and coordinating NTNs, RITAs and other aspects of the training program.
Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulation AgencyUseful information on licencing and equipment issues
North Thames Anaesthetic MeetingOrganisers of annual academic meeting held in the French Alps
NYSORATHE regional anaesthesia website
Obstetric Anaesthetists AssociationThe Obstetric Anaesthetists Association (OAA) was formed in 1969 to promote the highest standards of anaesthetic practice in the care of the mother and baby and has an international membership in excess of 1900. It provides a focus for all anaesthetists with an interest in the field.
Peripheral Regional AnaesthesiaThe online version of the book from the Ulm Rehabilitaion Hospital. Has tutorials and videos.
Revise MedicineTraining site with useful FRCA information
Royal College of AnaesthetistsThe College is responsible for educating, training and setting standards in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Management. The College Website also has resources for trainees and Consultants.
SCATA - Society for Computing & Technology in AnaesthesiaSCATA is a UK based Medical Society, Registered as a Charity. It is now 14 years old and exists to provide a forum for discussion and demonstration of a wide range of issues related to computing and technology in and around Anaesthesia.
Serious Incident ReportingReporting a Serious Incident (SI) must be done via the Trainee Revalidation Employer Portal – all organisations in London that employ doctors in postgraduate training will have unique login details with which to do this. Please complete a user request form if you do not have login details or contact servicedesk@londondeanery.ac.uk if you experience any technical issues.
SIGNScottish Intercollegiate Guidlines Network
The NDA Online Anaesthesia MuseumHigh quality photographs of historical anaesthetic equipment
UCL Centre for AnaesthesiaThe Academic and research website of the School at UCH, Royal Free, RNTNE, GOS, NHNN, Whittington and CASE.

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