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Moorfields Eye Hospital Fellows Post

Posted: 03 February 2015 11:37 PM  
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There is an opportunity to apply for the Fellows post at Moorfields Eye Hospital starting November 2015.

Do consider making an application at this time if you would like to secure this position for a start date in 2016.

Europe’s oldest and largest centre for ophthalmic treatment, teaching and research sits in the heart of one of central London’s urban trendy districts. Founded in 1805, it moved to its current Old Street site in 1899, with the adjacent Richard Desmond Children’s Eye Centre opening 2007.  A zenith for ophthalmic surgeons, this small highly specialised hospital offers anaesthetic fellows far more than just learning to become highly proficient at subtenon blocks - even if you may be taught these by those that first described the technique!
Moorfields Eye Hospital
The City Road site has 8 operating theatres which run daily, performing over 20,000 local, sedation and general anaesthesia cases annually. Satellite sites, which you may occasionally attend throughout London perform the vast majority of routine cataract procedures.  There is a weekday evening and weekend emergency list, but no overnight operating means no night shifts. Retaining a payment banding makes this a win win situation!
Over 1500 paediatric cases are performed annually, giving plenty of opportunities to increase your experience anaesthetising infants and small babies. With gas and intravenous inductions, along with ketamine sedation and TIVA routinely performed, the variety of paediatric experience offered is much greater than most trainees will have previously experienced.
Sedation plays an important role in ophthalmic anaesthesia; this can range from mild anxiolytics to short acting deep sedation for painful local anaesthetic infiltration. Skilful manipulation of opioid analgesia and anaesthetic agents is required to maintain spontaneous ventilating, comfortable, still patients for local anaesthetic infiltration, and then fully awake patients for the procedure itself.
Total Intravenous Anaesthesia
Total intravenous anaesthesia is the general anaesthetic technique of choice.  Regular hands-on training and experience in adults and paediatric populations enables a greater practical understanding of different TIVA algorithms and techniques, along with reviewing the role of depth of anaesthesia monitoring.
Research Management & Audit
Moorfields is a national centre for ophthalmic research involving, with the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, the largest ophthalmic research programme in the world.  This friendly, multidisciplinary interaction provides the ideal arena for quality improvement, management projects, guideline writing, research and audits. The large numbers of specialist procedures provides large case series, and enables adequate data collection and turn-around of projects within a 3 or 6 month block. Welcome invites to Trust Board formal meetings and shadowing managers and members of the Trust Board gives that valuable insight into the running of a NHS hospital.  Opinions are always asked and valued as we have worked in a ‘normal’ hospital more recently than most of the other staff….it’s not uncommon to receive an email from the Medical Director asking for information! With a research day each week there is the opportunity to coordinate, complete and present projects whilst at work.
In addition to regular departmental teaching, there are many opportunities to provide a wide variety of teaching to doctors, students and allied medical professionals which can incorporate well into that desirable teaching qualification!
Moorfields is a great hospital and a very friendly place.  Dedicated Consultants will support you and ensure you finish your Fellowship with a greatly enhanced CV, but more importantly to become a more experienced, well rounded and grounded clinician. It’s not just all about the work…the area is renowned for great international cuisine and trendy bars, providing an ideal location to enjoy an array of cultural and not so cultural local sites in the evening!

Manish Raval

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