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William Squire Memorial Lecture and Vivek Sivaraman Trainee prizes

Posted: 29 June 2018 04:12 PM  
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William Squire Memorial Lecture and Vivek Sivaraman Trainee prizes

Please make a note in your diary of an important social and academic event on the evening of Monday 20 August. The annual William Squire Memorial Lecture, established by the UCL Centre for Anaesthesia and Perioeprative Medicine, will be delivered by Professor Paul Myles from Monash University in Melbourne. Paul is an internationally renowned perioperative researcher and you will be familiar with many of his studies, including B-AWARE, MASTER and most recently (and compulsory reading) the RELIEF trial about peri-operative fluid management.

The lecture is free to attend and we will combine this with a social evening, including the induction event for new trainees. The programme is as follows:

•Drinks available from 5.30pm

•New starters to arrive by 6pm to meet trainee reps and college tutors etc.

•William Squire Memorial Lecture delivered by Professor Paul Myles: 6.30 - 7.15pm

•Drinks and nibbles until 8pm

In addition, we are pleased to invite submissions for the 2nd Vivek Sivaraman Memorial Prizes. Vivek was an anaesthesia trainee in our school who died suddenly in 2016. In his honour we have established three trainee prizes:

•Research - any observational or interventional project seeking to create new knowledge

•Education and/or Innovation - an educational endeavour or development of an innovative solution to a clinical or academic problem

•Quality Improvement - should describe a process which includes measurement, implementation of an intervention/potential solution followed by further measurement to evaluate impact.

Applications are invited from anyone who is not in a consultant post: please submit a structured abstract (Introduction; Methods; Results; Discussion / Conclusion​) of no more than 400 words to with a deadline of 9am on Monday 30th July. Winners for each category will be notified in advance of the William Squire event and will receive​ their awards that evening.

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