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School Website - Photos and a New Logo

Posted: 01 May 2018 11:52 AM  
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The School of Anaesthesia website is undergoing a major rebuilding and reconstruction, and we’re looking for a new logo and some photos to go with it.

The website is a key element in recruiting new trainees, as well as a focal point for the School, and we are keen to present it as a vibrant exciting place to train. We would like to bring out that anaesthetists are highly skilled, natural leaders with excellent technical skills and the ability to handle life-threatening situations. We want to portray our School as a flexible, diverse and comprehensive place to train. And we want to avoid being cheesy or overly corporate.

We are looking for a logo that encapsulates all these attributes, is distinctive and can be used on our website and important documents. We are also looking for a series of photographs to be used on the website that illustrate these features.

We have designed the site with a colour scheme - see https://coolors.co/export/png/ebf1ff-daffef-1846a3-256eff-74a2ff but can alter the site to match the logo if you like.

The closing date for this is the 1st of June, but we can leave it a bit longer if that is too short notice - please let us know if you’re working on it.

The prize for the best logo will be an Amazon voucher - photos will probably be prizeless but priceless

Please let me know if you want any more details.

Richard Marks

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