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Fellowships in General or Cardiac Anaesthesia in Hong Kong

Posted: 01 May 2018 07:53 AM  
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Department of Anaestheisa and Intensive Care, Prince of Wales Hospital

Our department is based at the Prince of Wales Hospital, a 1,637 bed tertiary referral
teaching hospital managed by the Hospital Authority but affiliated with The Chinese
University of Hong Kong (CUHK). The CUHK department is mainly involved in university
teaching and research while the HA department is responsible for providing services
and training for Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain Medicine.
Anaesthetic services are provided for 16 main operating theatres, with sessions in
radiotherapy, radiology, endoscopy, and psychiatry, and 24-hour dedicated obstetric
and acute pain services. There are 14,000 operations per year in the main Operating
Theatre suite, with one-third being emergency cases. An additional 2,000 cases are
administered in the labour ward and other areas outside the Operating Theatre suite.
The Intensive Care Unit has 23 beds and provides care for all specialties including
general medical, general surgical, neurosurgical, cardio-thoracic, transplant, and
burns cases. There are over 1,200 admissions annually and the ICU is also responsible
for resuscitation services within the hospital.

Anaesthesia training in PWH

Our department provides training for the following clinical modules Cardiothoracic,
ENT, Paediatric, Neurosurgery, Vascular, Orthopaediac, General surgery, Obstetric,
Acute and chronic pain, and Intensive care medicine.PWH is the largest trauma centre
out of the 40 public hospitals in Hong Kong. You would obtain a very broad
experience, many difficult airways and awake FOI, pathologies that are much more
common in hong kong include upper airway/nasopharygngeal tumors, thoracic
pathologies. You could choose to spend your fellowship as a solely cardiothoracic
fellow, or experience all the specialties PWH has to offer.
The Department also offers BASIC ICU courses intermittently throughout the year.
Information can be found at https://www.aic.cuhk.edu.hk/web8/courses.htm

Working in PWH

We provide elective OT service 5 days a week, and emergency service after hours,
over weekend and public holidays. Trainees are required to work under supervision
and doing resident calls in hospital. On-call on weekday will be a 16-hour shift that
starts at 1600 and ends at 0800 the next morning (the days before and after are rest/
compensation day if they occur during the week); weekend and public holiday will be
a 24-hour shift starts at 0800 (compensation for public holiday is one day per call). On
average trainee is expected to do 5-6 resident calls per month, and that a specialist
4-5 calls per month.

As a fellow your attachment would be for 12 months. You start date can easily be
organised to fit in around your training post. You must be post-FRCA.

For more information contact Dr Nicky Zimbler

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