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September 2018 Final Written FRCA - Free SAQ Writers Club

Posted: 06 April 2018 06:42 PM  
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Round 4 of the North Central Thames Final FRCA SAQ Writers Club is due to commence on 16th April 2018, over 19 weeks.

This is a free school-wide initiative to help final FRCA exam candidates prepare for the SAQ component of the written exam in September 2018.

The primary aim of the FRCASAQS is to help you revise for your exam. Whether you are just starting off with your revision, or well into it, the FRCASAQS is here to help. Whilst there is no substitute to hard work, we hope we can motivate you in your studies with carefully chosen practice questions, feedback on how your peers are doing, and the opportunity to sit a practice exam prior to the big day.

How does the FRCASAQS work?
1) At the start of every week, a number of carefully selected SAQs will be sent to your email account. These questions will have been specifically chosen, encompassing ‘examiners favourites’, previously poorly answered questions, and current topics of interest. As the exam draws nearer, the number of questions sent out each week will be increased.

2) At a convenient time in the week, you should write answers for the set questions – with pen and paper, laying out the answers exactly as you would in the exam. How you go about this, how you lay out your answer, and whether you read up on the topics prior to answering them, is totally up to you. You know, or will soon work out, what is best for you.

3) Once answered, scan your answer sheet and then email them back to us at (There are lots of free apps you can download onto your phone to do this e.g. Scanner Mini (by Readdle)).

4) At the end of the week, we collate and anonymise all the answers (scans) we have received, and then email them back out to everyone along with the next weeks questions.

5) If you have previously replied with answers, you will therefore be in the position to look over other peoples responses, which in turn will: Allow you to consolidate, and even boost your knowledge on the topic.
See how others answer the questions in terms of their layout, style, prioritisation of information etc.
Motivate you in your exam revision.

6) And so the process continues…

7) Finally, in the run up to the exam, there will be a chance to sit a practice exam.
Twelve questions in three hours under exam settings – a task well worth attempting
prior to the big day.

If you are planning to sit the exam in September (or March 2019), and would like to register for round 4, please send an e-mail to indicating your interest, ideally before 14th April, though you can join at any point. Maximal benefit is to be gained by starting at the beginning of round 4 as there will be a timetable set around the syllabus to focus your study from one week to the next.

Any questions, please direct to .

Ned & Jig

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