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Data Science for Doctors Course

Posted: 09 February 2018 11:45 AM  
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The popular data science for doctors course is back! Hosted at the RCoA March 26-27th 2018.

Tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/data-science-for-doctors-march-2018-tickets-42491850268

Who is the course for: Clinicians involved with audit, quality improvement or research.
- If you’re a clinician who has to wrangle a bit of data, and wishes they could do this better.
- If you’ve ever written a formula in Excel, that mysteriously broke.
- If you’ve hunted around for someone with a copy of SPSS to run a statistical test.
- If you’ve ever groaned when someone said, “You’ll need to ask a statistician”.

- 2 day course format
- Endorsed and supported by the National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia Health Services Research Centre

Venue: Royal College of Anaesthetists (26-27th March 2018)
30 places available

Programme (subject to change)
Day 1
- Preliminaries
- R for newbies
- Excel Hell
- Data pipelines (importing your data to R)
- Data wrangling (cleaning your data)

Day 2
- Just enough statistics
- Data visualisation
- An opportunity to work/practice on your own data or a provided dataset with help from the faculty

What special knowledge to I need?
- None! No A-level maths. No coding experience.
- You’ll probably be someone who has collected some data in an Excel spreadsheet or similar.
- You already know about basic bar charts and scatter plots. You know how to calculate the mean, and have heard of the standard deviation (but can’t remember how to calculate it.)
- You want to present your work either in a report or to your colleagues.
- You’re prepared to give up a few hours to learn a set of skills that you can use, and re-use in the future.

Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/data-science-for-doctors-march-2018-tickets-42491850268

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