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Primary MCQ Prep Course

Posted: 15 January 2018 03:08 PM  
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To all core trainees taking the Primary MCQ in February,

Come to the North Central Primary MCQ Prep Course

Friendly, free and informative! Five 2 hour sessions running weekly covering key topics in the primary syllabus with a focus on MCQs

When and Where?
- Every Thursday evening from 7pm-9pm
- The Whittington Hospital Education Centre, N19 5NF
- 25th Jan to 22nd Feb

Whats the aim?
We are aiming to efficiently cover the areas of the syllabus where we felt we all needed to put a bit more time in to get a good grip on the subject, and provide you with some useful handouts and summary sheets.

What will the sessions involve?
- Run over the more complex areas of key core topics
- Cover a few key facts that come up in the MCQs in more niche topics
- Some example MCQs and SBAs in each area
- Time for questions and discussion
- We’ll provide summary handouts on the areas we cover, which should also be useful for the OSCE and VIVA
- Snacks!

Who are the organisers?
We are a group of core trainees who have all passed both parts of the Primary, and deciding how to cover the whole syllabus in the right amount of depth was a challenge for all of us. We can’t promise finals level knowledge, but we have all been successful in the Primary recently and have had experience of how to efficiently use time studying to cover the breadth of the syllabus.

If you’re interested in attending please email us at: northcentralFRCA@gmail.com

Please feel free to just show up on the day, but emailing will help us gauge numbers.

Also, if there are any topics you feel it would be useful to cover please email us; we can’t include everything suggested but if there are lots of suggestions for something we haven’t included we can cover this.

Hopefully see you there,

MCQ Primary Prep Course Team [/size]

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