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Election of New Core Trainee Rep

Posted: 14 November 2017 11:05 AM  
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I am pleased to say that we have now had four applications to be your new rep.

Please read the personal statements below and then proceed to https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/NCcorerep in order to cast your vote.

Good luck to all.

Paolo Perella

I am well suited to the role having had extensive leadership and representative experience; prior to starting Core Training I was in Papua New Guinea for VSO (Voluntary Services Overseas) providing capacity building and project management/development in a rural hospital. Additionally I have held various roles including:

Foundation Year 2 Representative: Conquest Hospital, Programme Lead
FY1 Teaching programme Croydon University Hospital
Doctors.net.uk representative
UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO) Medical Student Board Representative
Chairman: United Hospitals (UH) Medgroup
Student Representative to St. George’s, University of London Council
President: St. George’s Hospital Medical School Students’ Union (Sabbatical)
Bar Officer: St. George’s Hospital Medical School Students’ Union.

Furthermore I was awarded the South Thames Foundation School Merit for outstanding leadership as an F1.

Having completed the Primary FRCA I have time to dedicate to this role and am already working with Dr Stephen Cone to improve the Core Training Teaching Programme therefore this role would be an extension of this existing work.

Rose Beesley

It would be a privilege to be your core trainee representative.

I am a CT2 and have completed my primary exams, allowing me the time to promote the interests and needs of core trainees this year. With previous experience representing trainees on the foundation programme, I want to be a strong advocate for you at faculty meetings.

Importantly, I want to develop better methods of communication amongst core trainees. This would allow me to understand your concerns and current training challenges. It would also facilitate feedback from college tutors to improve our training programme.  I am approachable and enthusiastic, known to be straightforward and not afraid to tackle difficult topics. 

We are a diverse group of doctors with individual training ambitions. I want to ensure the programme enables you to achieve your goals and satisfy your learning needs. I want to keep our training moving forward together.

Stefanos Ioannidis

I am currently an Anaesthetic Core Trainee (CT1) at UCLH, and I wish to put myself forward as the next Core Trainee representative within our School - afterall I have spent my foundation years as a qualified doctor within the North Central Thames, and having enjoyed lots of support from colleagues across the board, I now wish to contribute back to our Deanery.

I have experience as a departmental representative at local level during my undergraduate studies. During my posts at Royal Free and Basildon, I have gained understanding of training needs of both medical students and foundation doctors. I have participated and facilitated career events, workshops and other teaching engagements both locally and nationally, thereby enhancing the training experience of medical students and colleagues. I now wish to bring this experience to our Anaesthetic training.

Moreover, I have participated in ‘Buddy Mentoring System’ both during my foundation years and as a core anaesthetic trainee. This has demonstrated to me the importance of pastoral support from fellow trainees. It is something I wish to enhance by being your trainee rep.

Clinically, I can relate with our current training needs including transitioning from being a novice, to starting on call duties and preparing for the primary exam. By communicating with our training body, I wish to make our time in this deanery as pleasant and stress free as possible.

On a personal level, I find anaesthetics a really fun and rewarding specialty and hope that any contribution I could make, will enhance our time in the School.

I do hope you will be able to consider me as the next Core Trainee Representative for our School.

Yun Mei Lau

“History is made by those whose who show up.” - Benjamin Disraeli.

I subscribe to the above saying and those close to me will agree.

As a previous ACCS AM trainee who has deflected towards the joys of Anaesthesia, the experience of navigating through the elaborate ACCS training has substantially equipped me with maturity and insight into the role of both a trainee and a trainer (North Central School and Deanery).

I am willing to lead my peers, speak up for myself and colleagues and not afraid to start difficult conversations. The steep learning curve between finishing medical school and starting Foundation Training is well recognised but little spoken about and done to help our new colleagues. I successfully designed and delivered a bespoke “Transition to F1 Course” for new doctors, alongside current Foundation trainees. It provided a platform to reach out, pass on valuable wisdom gained on the job and importantly, empowered them to make changes where identified. It has been warmly welcomed locally and is being discussed to be introduced Deanery-wide.

I relish the opportunity to “show up” and work alongside like-minded colleagues to represent you to achieve our common goal: Making training work for us.

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