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Election of New Higher Trainee Rep. 

Posted: 27 October 2017 09:06 AM  
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Hi all,

As you may be aware we have been accepting nominations for a new Higher Trainee Rep. for the Central School.  We have three excellent candidates; Raj Shah, Safeena Afzal and Sarah Wintle.  Their personal statements are below for you to peruse.  Following this please proceed to https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/nchigherrep in order to cast your vote.  If you have any problems with voting or anything else then please email

The deadline for voting will be 5PM on 17th November when the winner will be crowned!

Raj Shah

I am currently an Anaesthetic Registrar (ST6) at UCLH, and I wish to put myself forward as the next Higher Trainee representative within our school - afterall I have spent all my years as a qualified doctor within the North Central School, and have an excellent relationship and rapport that spans from Consultant to Trainee level.

I have vast experience as a trainee representative at local levels following my posts at Barnet General, Royal Free and Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital. These roles have all further developed my understanding of trainee requirements. I have addressed several issues for both core trainees and registrars, which include exam and career guidance, rota compliance, providing forums to voice clinical and non-clinical-related issues, and I have set up a ‘Buddy Mentoring System’ which has been successfully running for three years, to provide structure and support to all.

Clinically, I have already completed my necessary higher training requirements. I now wish to invest my free time to try and help maintain our excellent training programme. I have recently completed the UCLP Leadership Development and Executive Shadowing Programmes, which consolidated my management experience which I feel will be helpful as a trainee representative at a regional level.

I have exceptional organisational and communication skills, and my colleagues would describe me as ‘ever-approachable’ and ready for a ‘chat about life’.

I do hope you will be able to consider me as the next Higher Trainee Representative for our school.

Safeena Afzal

I would love to be your next Higher Trainee Representative.

I am proud of our School; its diverse training opportunities, fantastic Consultants and - you! It
would be a privilege to represent the inspirational and hardworking people I call my friends
and peers.

Here is what I offer:

1. Experience: I joined our School in 2014, I have needed to take time out of training and
spent two years as a LTFT trainee. This extra time has provided me with insight and
maturity; which I will put to good use as your Trainee Representative. I know what it is
like to struggle and have experienced first-hand just how incredibly supportive our
TPDs are.

2. I will stand up for you: I have spent time getting to know you, I am learning alongside
you and recognise our needs as senior anaesthetic trainees. I have a good working
knowledge of most of our hospitals and will use this to advantage especially where
improvement is required.

3. Understanding of LTFT: LTFT training is vital to some of us and can come with
challenges. Having returned to full-time training, I will add to your collective voice as a
Trainee Representative.

4. Networks: Join me as I engage with our national trainee research networks. I have
co-lead projects and I want to see you all involved; let’s keep this important movement

Please vote for me. Thank you!

Sarah Wintle

Anaesthetic trainees need a representative who will promote their interests and understands training at the North Central Thames School. Having done my rotations in the London Deanery, I know it is an exciting and supportive place to train but one which faces unique challenges.

I have represented colleagues as trainee representative at FY2, CT1 and ST4 levels.  These roles involved being an advocate for trainees as I explained our concerns at faculty meetings and ensured that colleagues were kept informed of developments afterwards.  I also led a Trainee Wellbeing Forum to improve morale in one hospital and set up a Buddy Scheme in another.  Education faculties recognise my straightforward approach: I am fair, honest and don’t avoid difficult topics.  I have a track-record of working well with faculties to reach decisions which benefit trainee and trainer.

As a profession, we face constant challenges.  The environment in which we work is ever-changing and, as resources diminish and austerity bites, greater pressure is exerted upon us.  As trainees, we must work with the education faculty to ensure our voices are heard and our concerns taken seriously.  It is to perform this role that I ask for your support to be your Representative.

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