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Introduction to Leadership and Management: The Essentials

Posted: 25 July 2017 02:02 PM  
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Leadership and management skills are an important part of the day to day work of anaesthetists, and medical leadership competencies are now firmly embedded in the CCT for Anaesthetics.
Our overnight interactive course is designed to prepare anaesthetists for the leadership and management challenges they face in the workplace. Tailored to the needs of senior trainees and newly appointed consultants, the course presents the realities of working in the modern NHS through real life examples and provides ample opportunity for active participation in non-clinical skills development.

The format of mixed plenary sessions with workshops allows plenty of opportunity for discussion and facilitated exercises on specific skills e.g. negotiation, communication and personal development planning.

Learning Outcomes

• Learnt about and had the opportunity to discuss NHS policy development and its impact on service delivery
• Gained insight into their own and others’ behavioural preferences and how this can impact on their working relationship; and different approaches to day to day activity
• Increased their understanding of how to influence the Trust and others to develop their service
• Begun to construct a Personal Development Plan based on the Academy’s Medical Leadership Competency Framework



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