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Anaesthetists as Educators: An Introduction

Posted: 11 July 2017 09:44 AM  
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“Anaesthetists as Educators: an Introduction” provides an introduction to post graduate medical education in anaesthesia. The course replaces an “Introduction to Teaching” and is suitable for trainees, SAS doctors and consultants who have had no previous training in teaching or medical education. This course provides the ground work for the “Anaesthetists as Educators: Teaching and Training in the Workplace” course, which is a natural follow on.

The course will provide:

- An overview of the educational landscape as it is today: regulatory bodies and the relationship between them, governance of medical education, where anaesthetists delivering training fit in
- An introduction to how adults learn
How to teach: in theatre and giving lectures
- An introduction to clinical and educational supervision from the trainees’ point of view, including appraisal

- Overview of assessment in anaesthesia, including workplace-based assessment and where it fits in
- Principles of recognition and dealing with the trainee with problems
- This highly interactive workshop relies on you bringing your real-life experiences of teaching in the workplace in order to gain the most benefit.

- The RCoA Anaesthetists as Educators Programme can support trainers in meeting the requirements for GMC Recognition and Approval of Trainers
- The course content is mapped to the GMC’s seven domains and participation in this course will provide supporting evidence towards the GMC approval process for named educational supervisors and named clinical supervisors



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