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New Doctor Networking Site

Posted: 13 June 2017 07:10 AM  
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Info about this new site has been forwarded to us to be distributed.


Your Trainee Reps

A new and unique networking website exclusively for NHS doctors
http://www.doctoratdoctor.co.uk has recently launched. This website will provide a single platform for all NHS doctors, with enormous networking and communication advantages.

Current NHS networking systems do not allow easy connections between doctors, especially outside your specialty/deanery/group.

Website features http://www.doctoratdoctor.co.uk

1. Efficient networking between doctors in UK: Easy networking across hospitals/deaneries/specialities.
2. Easy connections: Connect with any NHS doctor, provided they have also registered onto the site.
3. Search options include deanery, specialty, grade, GP surgery etc….
4. Form groups: Form social groups, professional groups, sports groups, research groups,.…… Groups will be updated automatically.
5. Webinar: Easy to conduct webinars. Webinar invitations can be tapered to relevant specialty, deanery, grade. Can be used for teachings, regional meetings etc..
6. One2One chat: Real time chat/video chat facilities available.
7. Free Rota maker integrated to your calender: Rota maker to help create on call rotas.
8. Free ad section: You can post ads for free, in this section to sell, rent etc…..

P.S. - Patient confidentiality rules apply as per any external server such as facebook, gmail, etc..
Hereby, we kindly urge all NHS doctors to register onto this website. This site is completely free and secure to use. This is the future of NHS networking.
Also, please do provide feedback, as the website is bound to evolve over the next few months to meet your requirements.

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