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Information about the ARCP

The School and the London Deanery jointly organise the ARCP (Annual Review of Competence Progression) events. 

The website has some handy hints to make the day run smoothly.

Arranging an ARCP

ARCP events will take place twice a year (July and January) according to start date.  In only rare exceptions will they be held outside this time. 

You will be contacted around six weeks in advance by the School Administrator with an appointment.  If you expected to receive an appointment and did not please get in touch.

What is an ARCP?

The Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) takes place annually, ideally around the anniversary of the commencement of training.  The previous year’s training documentation is reviewed and an outcome is issued to the Postgraduate Dean. 

The Gold Guide (available on the MMC Website) has further details of the process.

Although the review of paperwork is usually performed once a year, the accruing of paperwork is an ongoing process.  Please note that for trainees who need additional training time (e.g. for exam reasons) ARCPs may occur more frequently but will still require all of the documentation.

The ARCP process will be run jointly by the London Deanery and the School. 

What happens at an ARCP

On the day a panel of two or three consultants will review the paperwork that you present.  They will then issue a recommended outcome to the Dean. 

Common outcomes are:-

If the outcome is not Outcome 1 then you will be invited to a short meeting at the Deanery Table to discuss the implications.

The Central School has a further station with the Training Programme Director (TPD). This will allow you to feedback opinions and to plan future rotations.

Slots are booked with 15 minute appointments, but the process may take up to an hour.

What must I bring with me?

You must bring your Training Portfolio .  The panel will be unable to review your progress if you fail to bring the documentation listed in the ARCP Trainee Checklist (which can be found under the section headed Forms and Downloads) and this may result in your being prevented from progressing to the next / final stage of your training.

We will expect paper copies of this evidence until the e-Portfolio is fully functioning.  It is helpful if your portfolio is indexed, so that the relevant sections are easily identifiable by the panel. 

The process is taken seriously by the School and consequently it should be treated in a professional manner - appropriate dress, adequate time booked off and complete preparation of paperwork is expected.

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Over twenty well-known London Hospitals comprise the School.

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